Michael Parks, VP Member Services at American Airlines Credit Union
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Michael Parks

VP Member Services
American Airlines Credit Union

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Day Two: July 24th 2020 Focus on What Matters Most: Your Customers & Their Needs in Branch

Friday, July 24th, 2020

8:55 AM Keynote: Using Financial Literacy & Education Outreach to Establish Trust and Deepen Customer Relationships in Branch

Today’s consumer is…. STRESSED. Constantly. And you know what stresses them out more than thinking about their job, their relationships or their living situation? MONEY. According to research done by Varo Money, more than one third (35%) of Millennials say they lose an hour or more of sleep a night because of regular financial pressure. Just over half (52%) say the stress is damaging their health, and nearly as many (47%) say the stress makes them want to give up on their dreams. Considering your institution was designed to help consumers deal with their money and make smarter financial decisions, don’t you think you’d be wise to step in and help educate and inform? While many banks and credit unions have established financial literacy and education programs, is there anything more your institution can be doing? Keeping in mind that helping customers make financial decisions that better their position can establish trust and deepen long term customer relationships. Join this keynote presented by Lori Hall and Michael Parks from American Airlines Credit Union to hear about the following points: 
• Content surrounding financial education can be great for getting you new leads
• The key to providing this content is knowing what people need and how your information can help them
• Your branches can be a great place to start this by providing workshops, or making financial literacy signage and making sure your employees are equipped to provide good advice
• If you can provide digestible bits of information on topics that are super top of mind or anxiety inducing for potential customers, you can start to nurture a relationship