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Future Branches 2020 Trends Report

In this report, we’re covering the state of retail baking and the major trends that financial institutions are following in in 2020. Download now!

How COVID-19 Is Affecting the Banking Industry

We recently reached out to our Future Branches Community and asked them how COVID-19 has affected their branch operations, and what steps they have been taken to suit the needs of their customers during this pandemic. In this report, we're sharing all the insightful feedback we received from so many of you!

Biometrics and the Retail Banking Experience

The use of biometrics is on the rise in many sectors, and there are clear benefits to the technology. Through the measurement of unique biological information such as fingerprints, individuals can be authenticated quickly and granted access to secure accounts, devices, and locations Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions have begun to explore the viability of using biometrics technologies in the physical branch space. This report explores what role biometrics will play in physical branches over the next 10 years.

Your Guide to the Bank Branch of the Future: Community centers that feel personal

At their best, branches are community centers that create and nurture real customer connections. This paper will uncover new research for 2020 and beyond that will help you contextualize your efforts and better understand how to deliver the best of in-person banking. Claim your copy now! 

The 2020 Future Branches Consumer Study: Understanding the Relationship between Customers, the Bank, and the Branch

Future Branches is proud to release our Second Annual Consumer Study. Combining the insights of over a thousand retail banking consumers, along with commentary from industry experts, it's a valuable tool for understanding how your customers want to relate to your bank. Claim your copy now!

Branch Innovation Briefing - May 2019

In this brief report, we give a snapshot of how several financial institutions are experimenting with new branch concepts to increase branch traffic and revenue. Download the report now!

Branch Innovation Briefing - February 2019

Due to the digital transformation of the banking industry, simple transactions no longer need to take place in your branch. Thus, the traditional purpose of your branch needs to change. A new strategy involving updates to your branch’s design, technology and employees needs to be put into place that can revitalize this piece of infrastructure to make sense in today’s digital world. Is your financial institution ready to make the changes necessary to transform your branch network?

The Future Branches Boston 2019 Director's Report

In this Director's Report, we discuss the industry's top drivers, challenges, opportunities, and what financial executives should be looking into for the upcoming year.

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