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Day One: Thursday July 23rd 2020 Reimagining Branch Design, Staffing & Technology

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

4:55 PM Guest Speaker: Who Are We? Gen Z! What Do We Want? To Save for Our Futures!

Get a glimpse directly into the mind of Gen Z during this guest keynote at Future Branches. Curious how to appeal to today’s teens, college students & those just starting out into the workforce? Then sit back and listen to Michael Pankowski tell us how his generation currently views their financial situations. Do they trust banks? Are they interested in saving? What do they think of your branches?  

Michael Pankowski is a student at Harvard and head of Crimson Connection, his Generation Z marketing consulting firm. His firm helps clients better understand, engage, and market to his generation — getting brands hip to how to capitalize on Gen Z's newest trends.