Matt Reddin, Chief Banking Officer at Simmons Bank
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Matt Reddin

Chief Banking Officer
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Day One: Thursday July 23rd 2020 Reimagining Branch Design, Staffing & Technology

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

2:10 PM Case Study REMIX: Weathering the M&A Storm: Merging People, Processes and Technology

If you are acquiring or merging with another bank (as many have done in just the past year) don’t get lost in the wave of panic. While it can seem overwhelming to merge employees and technology and branch networks, there are many things you can do to overcome the confusing nature of these teams. Join us for this case study to hear what some best practices are when bringing two brands under one umbrella.
• How do you make sure that your new branches fit into your brand? 
• What is the process of merging leadership, departments and frontline employees? 
• Have you thought of M&A as a chance to press the reset button on some of your policies or procedures?
• What happens when you bring new products under your brand umbrella that your acquired company had that you didn’t? 
• How do you best learn about new markets that you might be entering into? 
• How do you merge core systems, data and other pieces of technology? 

After 20 minutes of presenting, our presenter will ask the audience to discuss a follow up question together in small groups for 10 minutes.