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Day One: Thursday July 23rd 2020 Reimagining Branch Design, Staffing & Technology

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

9:45 AM Tonight Show Panel: Determining (or Re-Evaluating) the Future Size and Shape of Your Network to Better Serve the Needs of Your Customer

Your future success as an institution begins with figuring out the size and shape of your network. A plan needs to be established that decides where you should be opening new branches, where you should be closing branches and which branches could use a refresh or revamp. Many things need to go into this decision, including looking at demographic data in current and future markets, customer data, growth potential and internal metrics and then a plan needs to be put into place. This is not an easy undertaking and likely the plan you come up with will need to be adaptable to account for changes in customer need and preference. And if you’ve already rolled out your future plan, it’s probably time to make sure that it has been succeeding and doesn’t need to be adjusted. During this Tonight Show Panel, each panelist will tell you in eight minutes their best tips for approaching the future size & shape of your network. This continues until all 3 panelists have had their turn to speak, at which point, the group will take Q&A from the audience. During each panelists’ eight minutes, expect to hear them discuss: 
- The different kinds of data and market intelligence that need to be looked at in order to come up with your plan
- Deciding where to close, how to select sites for openings and where to remodel
- Establishing what the success of your future network looks like so you know how to measure along the way
- Reassessing your network along the way of your transformation- not everything will work the way you want and changes might need to be made