Andrea Pruna, Chief Retail Officer at NECU

Andrea Pruna

Chief Retail Officer

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Day One: Thursday July 23rd 2020 Reimagining Branch Design, Staffing & Technology

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

3:00 PM Checklist Panel: Upgrading the Design of Your Branches to Match Your Institution’s Goals for Your Network

During a checklist panel of experts who will talk through the need to haves for a certain initiative they underwent. In this case, how they’ve updated the design of their branches to reflect updated customer needs and revamped branding.  At the end of the panel, each panelist will share their biggest need to have and a checklist of them will show up on the screen so you have it to implement when you hit the ground running with your team. During this panel, expect to hear our panelists answer questions like:
• How did you approach making branch design changes? 
• What was the strategy and how did you pick a partner (if you did)?
• How did you choose upgraded features (teller pods, conference rooms, new color scheme, updated waiting area)- what were you hoping to accomplish with those changes? 
• Are you thinking about your customer’s in branch journey when making these updates?
• What have the results of such changes been? How have customers reacted to them? 

Day Two: July 24th 2020 Focus on What Matters Most: Your Customers & Their Needs in Branch

Friday, July 24th, 2020

9:20 AM Panel REMIX: I’ll Be There For You: Merging the Physical and Digital to Become an On-Demand Institution for Your Customer

The future of your branch lies in the hands of your customer. And their expectations have never been higher. They expect everything from booking a flight, to taking a cab, to getting surgery or having a mattress delivered to fit in with the lives they lead and want to do little work in order to get the things they want. Unfortunately, that rule also applies to their banking. They want a bank or credit union to seamlessly meld with the rest of their life and be there when they need them but leave them alone when they don’t. This is difficult territory to navigate. Thus, understanding what your customer will need from your branches and how you can make those physical spaces fit as easily as possible into your customer’s journey to complete financial tasks should fuel how you strategize for this gigantic piece of infrastructure, otherwise your branches will remain irrelevant. Join this panel to hear more about how financial institutions are starting with the customer and thinking about their branches as another channel that needs to fit right into their customer’s lives.

• Are your online and offline channels siloed internally? 
• If so, it’s more than likely that those channels will feel ‘siloed’ to your customer
• How can you blend the digital with the physical and make it feel completely seamless? 
• Does it take more than just internal communication? 
• What technology must be implemented to integrate all of these activities together?